What Type of Soil is Good for Watermelon?

Can Your Choice of Soil Type Affect Your Yield?

Have you ever wondered why 2 people get different result from the same type of watermelon seed, even when they both work under the same climatic conditions?

This can easily be traced to the soil type.


The fact is: if you plant watermelon on the wrong type of soil, you will get no good result. This is one of the reason why I keep emphasizing on the need for the right training.

What’s the Recommended Soil Type?

The best soil for planting watermelon is sandy-loam soil. Watermelon does well on fertile soils that will not retain too much water.

Watermelon also requires a well-tilled and flat land, not rocky or hard, sloppy or hilly ones.

Furthermore, your farm should have a good amount of sunlight too. Remember, even though water melon has so much water content, it doesn’t require so much water while growing.

So, select a location that gets 8 to 10 hours of sunlight per day.

Where the soil is hard in nature, employ the service of a plow to till it or you till with hoe while planting. The cost of tilling will largely depend on the area. If the soil is loose enough, go ahead and plant.

You will have to lay your hand on the comprehensive guide prepared for this purpose. This is the only way you can be guaranteed the best result.

Before planting, ensure that the land is cleared and all trees removed. Tall trees can shade your plant from receiving the right amount of sunlight.

Clearing can be done economically using chemicals called herbicides.

The particular herbicide with the right active ingredient, as well as application dosage and time are contained in your practical manual.


If you have not got yours, visit http://agroincome.com/wm2/

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  1. Thanks again Mr Joe. Honestly am interested. But for now I have a small plot that I plated maize on and by the grace of God I intend to plant watermelon after harvesting the maize by September. Am interested in d blue print(practical). Although the plot is 200 by 200m. Hw much can I budget for d investment.?

  2. I have not been in this business before but I want to know if the forest also can be good for the production of water Melon

    • Most likely yes. This depends on many factors, including soil type. Most forest have fertile soil. Be sure that it is not a water logged or swampy area.

    • Yes, you can start small and gain experience in the process.

      Sandy loam soils are dominated by sand particles, but contain enough clay and sediment to provide some structure and fertility. They look like sandy soil and they do not retain water.

    • Look at where you live and see if people really consume watermelon. The truth is, the market is very much available.

  3. Dear Mr. Joe, Good morning and thanks once again for everyday success digest articles receiving from you.
    God bless you sir.
    Since it is possible to mix cropping with watermelon plant, according to your response from the question asked by Onjefu, what types of crop can a Farmer mix with watermelon plant which will not disturb sir?


  4. Thank you so much Mr Joe I have been looking for this opportunity for long, I think is now time for to forged ahead, how and where can I get the seed, so that i don’t nest season..

  5. Good morning sir,I want to start my business on watermelon but I need a proper lesson about it, and if i want start now How can I get a good seeds to start dat will give me a good result.

  6. Thanks Mr Joe, i so much love and cherish this wonderful seminar of you, i pray the good Lord will continue given you the strength in Jesus name (Amen)

    • It is an eBook that will be delivered electronically into your email or WahatsApp for immediate download (and may be printing)

  7. Thanks Jo.They consume much watermelon where I live but there are also watermelon depot everywhere around me.These are watermelon from the north.Will this not affect the biz.I want u to come out straight Jo.

    • There are challenges usually in every business. One of such is competition. Yet, regardless of the challenges, watermelons are sold year in, year out.

  8. Hi Joe,iam getting more involved,bcos I don’t know dat it can be farm every where.l need two things 4rm u.1.the blueprints 2.how do get d seed’s.lam starting immediately next month nd,l ‘ll infom u every step l take.l believe u sir. it’s real guide me.

  9. Good day Mr joe
    thank you for the vital information,I actually planted close to one hectare early June,but it all withered away due to excess rain.now I’m planning to replough and fresh planning by early September.as we’ll be having a lesser rainfall.is it advisable to do so by that period of the year?

    • I do not know the rainfall pattern in your area, but I do know that in most cases, there is usually a lot of rain in the month of June, and this will increase the fungi attack on the plant. You can plant by September, taking all necessary precautions into consideration.


    • 1 hectare is about 15 plots of 60ft by 120ft. This can cost about 100 to 120k. You can thus estimate the cost per hectare

  11. Thanks sir Joe very much interested in the practical and I hv a plantain farm I want to plant btw DEC and Jan and by Jan or Feb is it OK to plant the water melon on it thou I also hv another plantain farm of like 4 months old so ur advice is all I need

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