When is the Right Planting Time for Watermelon?

Since watermelon takes less than 3 months too mature, can it not be planted all year round?
I have heard some persons say that it can be planted this way, and I would like to lend my opinion.
While this is very possible where water supply can be kept under control, using irrigation or a green house this does not apply everywhere.
But where this is not possible, 2 planting seasons are guaranteed.
When Watermelon Yield the Best Result

Plant your watermelon when the soil is warm and rainfall is not in excess.

In most locations in Nigeria, good yield results when planting is done around late February and early March because rainfall is minimal then.


Around the South-South and South-West, this is the best planting season and you are guaranteed a remarkable result.

Here is a Top Secret…

The second season is late August and early September. Watermelon is more expensive in the market at this time. So much money can be made at this time.

The challenge however is to struggle against herdsmen invasion. This is because at this time (September to November), green grass availability won’t be as much it was early in the year (March to May).

Please make good use of this information as it will really assist you with the best results.

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PS: If you are serious about making money planting watermelon, you must be ready. I am not promising that you will turn millionaire overnight.

But I am assuring you that you will be happy with your result if you let me hold you by the hand to train you

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  1. There is no part of the lessons that will not add a new idea to who ever wants to enback on this journey to greatness in melo farming ,God bless you

    • I buy seeds and chemicals from Benin where I live and I am sure they are available in Ondo state too. When you are ready, let me know.
      You can get the Watermelon Production Blueprint by clicking http://agroincome.com/wm2/

      There, you’ll find all the relevant information from land preparation, getting seeds, to harvesting, marketing and getting easy loans

    • This is part of the information not revealed in the email series because they are available as part of the paid information on the Watermelon Production Blueprint. Please get yours as soon as possible from http://www.agroincome.com/wm2 at the promo price before it goes up

  2. Am in Niger state, kanji precisely when is the best planting season, and how do i get the hybrid (best) seedlings for planting. And also how do i market it. Thanks.

    • What is the rainfall pattern in your area? When does the rain cease after this time? Septemebr? October? The Watermelon Production Blueprint contains full information that answers these questions. As for marketing, there are watermelon markets in almost all the major cities in Nigeria.

  3. Thank u Joe for your selfless nature. Not too many people will like to divulge this knowledge freely. God bless you. Please how can I get the right breed to plant or can I just buy any watermelon and use the seed? Thanks

  4. I am indebted to say, ‘THANKS TO YOU’. I am at Ebonyi, is it thesame season late August and early Semptember is the best?

  5. I have a farm land in my village but been surrounded by bush, like tall trees, u talk about sunlight. Can’t tell my neighborhood to cut down the trees, how will l go about this

  6. Thank you sir, my question sir is that, how obtain does watermelon require water, or what is system of watering watermelon?.

    • You may not need watering if you plant at the right time. Watermelon needs little water to grow. Excess watering will reduce the quality and sweetness of your melon

  7. I am from South- south Region, Rivers state. How can I get the hybride seed to plant. Secondly,I need the full guide on how to plant watermelon in Rivers State.

  8. Thanks for ur lectures, like somebody from Anambra where can i get best seed to plant.Also wil d blue print come in hardcopy or softcopy.

  9. I’m So much interested in this watermelon farming..plz what is the cost of the seeds and is there availability of land that goes for rent which u can recommend..thank u

  10. can I just plant seeds from any watermelon fruit or are there special seeds, if yes where can one get them from in my area? am from ogoja in cross River State.

  11. Thank U Mr Joe for your generous behaviour I appreciate dat
    My question is dat with type of land can I plant my watermelon and which seed should I use ?…is it dry or wet?

  12. Thanks for today lesson Mr Joe. I will like to come for field trainning after 14 days lesson. What path of Benin are you, so that I can start planning my movement. I serve as a corps member at Esan east.

  13. What is your address in Benin?, because am in Benin too. And when and where are you having the next field training?. God bless you.

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