Is Watermelon Business TRULY As Profitable As Claimed?

A lot of persons are still skeptical about the profitability of Watermelon farming.

This is largely due to many information marketers making unreachable claims just to pocket your hard-earned income.

By means of this post, I will be showing you the profit potential in watermelon production, and the decision to embark will be purely yours.

Let us carry out this analytical study on a 1 hectare land, as our case study.

We shall look at this by answering these questions:

  • How big is 1 Hectare land?
  • With the right distance, how many watermelon plants can be cultivated per hectare?
  • What is the expected output in terms of balls of watermelon?
  • How does this translate to money
  • How much is needed to cultivate 1 hectare of land and what is the average or expected profit

How Big is 1 Hectare of Land?

To lay everything bare, 1 hectare is 10000 square meter.

It means that the length (in meters) X breadth (in meters) of the land should give you 10,000 square meter.


For example, 100 meters by 100 meters land gives you 10,000 square meter, which is 1 hectare.

Since most land sizes are measured in feet and not in meters, let us convert this size to feet. 1 meter equals 3.3 feet. 100 meters therefore will be 330 ft.

Thus, 1 hectare, which is 100 meters by 100 meters is equivalent to 330 ft by 330 ft or 108900 square feet.

How many plots of land (60 ft by 120 ft) can be found in 1 hectare? Dividing 108900 by 60X120 gives 15.125

In summary, we can get about 15 plots of 60 ft by 120 ft in 1 hectare of land.

With the right distance, how many watermelon plants can be cultivated per hectare?

First, what is the right planting distance for watermelon? We shall use an average of 1.2 meter or 4 feet

Using this planting distance, how many watermelon plants can be contained in 1 hectare of land? We can get the number of plants per row by simply dividing 330 ft by 4 ft (or 100 m by 1.2 m), and that gives 82.5 or 83.

To get the number of rows, also divide the row length by the planting distance, which is also 83

Total estimated plants therefore on 1 hectare piece of land is 83 X 83 = 6889 plants.

Let’s assume that due to other factors, you only have 5000 good plants, taking 1889 as loss.

Please note: Since we would not be doing the actual measurement of distance before planting, your total plant may be slightly different from the above estimate.


What is the Expected Output in terms of Balls of Watermelon?

It is estimated that a single plant can produce between 1 to 3 balls of watermelon.

Working with the least possibility, 1 plant can at least produce 1 ball of watermelon.

With 5000 plants, total expected ball of watermelon is 5000 plants X 1 ball, and that equals 5000 balls.x


How Does This Translate to Money?

How much is a ball of Watermelon sold in your area? N1000? N800? Make some findings.

You know, the price from the farm must be much less than that. Let’s take N200 as the price

from the farm. That gives you N200 X 5000 balls, and that equals N1 Million.

Or to be very modest, let’s say a ball goes for N100 from the farm. that still gives you N500,000.


What is the Start-up Capital and the Average or Expected Profit

The cost of planting 1 hectare of watermelon depends on many factors. But let’s say N100,000.

Now, take that from the return, and you are getting N400k to 900k profit.

Imagine getting this in 85 days…

Imagine doing this twice a year…

You’ll agree that watermelon is truly profitable.

Please Read this NOW

Getting the above results is very possible in an idea situation: perfect weather, optimum moisture content, zero tolerance for pest and disease, adequate sunlight, and effective management.

Managing all of these factors require a lot of training and expertise. Without the right training, one can lose millions in 85 days the way one can easily make millions in 85 days.

The training is still available and you can get it by clicking here

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  1. The steps are useful.
    The question I want to ask is; Is it from that 100,000 that we are going to do the following?:
    1. Hiring. 2. Cutting and clearing.
    3. Ploughing

  2. in fact, this write up was awesome. I really enjoy the time been reading this article. pls, keep it up.
    thanks and God bless you.

  3. Thanks for the insight, but how far can we go with 2 plots of land?
    how can we get the seeds?
    does the planting has to do with season(sun or rain)/
    i need to know how to go about the planting.

    Thanks greatly.

    • Await the email series for your answers. And if you would prefer the fast track approach, go for the Watermelon Production Blueprint.

    • You can start something small on a 2 plot land and learn the process. Thereafter, you can upgrade.
      Your planting season must be carefully selected. Every necessary detail needed to get started has been put together in the Watermelon Production Blueprint at

      And if you’ll prefer field training, kindly give me a call.

    • Yes, 100k covers that. You can plant anywhere in Nigeria. All you need is to understand the timing. With this understanding, you will not need to do manual watering

  4. Where can someone gets a high bread watermelon seed to buy. Also is it possible to plant watermelon in the month of August?

    • Details as to where and how to get hybrid seeds are contained in the Watermelon Production Manual. I like to plant September early. Remember, the important thing is to plant at a time when rainfall is minima. Is that the situation in August in your area? Your location matters

    • This is part of the content you will be getting in your email. Check your mail daily for updates at least for the next 2 to 3 weeks

  5. Thanks. I was quite enlightened. When is right time for planting. Secondly how can I get buyers at the time of harvest to prevent loss.

  6. This is wonderful news and your multivational and inspirational teaching is very clear and well understood. This will go a long way to help many out of poverty in Nigeria. Thanks a lot.

  7. You are indeed doing a great job for humanity. Your contributions towards poverty reduction and improved income generation won’t be in vain.
    I have learnt a lot and still learning from you.
    Thank you.

    • 1 hectare or 15 plot can take 100k to 120k. You can see that it’s easy to calculate the equivalent cost for 2 plots. Remember however, that there are some constant costs that do not depend on the size of your farm.

  8. This really helpful. I would keep close eye on every mail you posts. I would be trusting your lessons to commence mine too very shortly.
    Thanks so much Joe

  9. So inspiring.I never thought in dis direction.Am waiting patiently to know about d best type soil,best seed specie nd best season to plant watermelon.God bless.

  10. Great work and insightful information Mr Joe,God bless you. What about the leasing? Where and how do one go about the leasing?

  11. Thanks Bro You Are Realy An Inspiration To A Lot Out There,thank God U Are In Benin Looking Foward To Meeting U God Bless U.

  12. Thank you for this eye opener. This is a wonderful way to get out of poverty and enjoy a life of plenty. Once again thanks.

  13. Thanks for ur effort,I HV been dreaming of going into the business but no enough knowledge on how to go about it.I HV corn and wanting to plant beans next week,God willing,since there is now means of acquiring the knowledge I will try and get the manual,when I can’t really say cos I hv spent all I hv on the corn and beans for now.I hope I will still meet bonus when am ready.thanks

  14. I really enjoyed this post, but my question is how to prepared the soil, is it by tilling, ridges or to open ground and put the seed? And how do we prevent weeds, is it by weeding or applying chemical on it? Again does it need to be fertilize with either organics or non organics manure?.

  15. You are doing a great job, I really appreciate what have learnt so far. But my question is that, I don’t know if I can do this as a part time business bcos of my present job. And I will also like to know if I can just invest and do a profit sharing since I don’t have time to really go through the farming process myself.

    • Thanks for your encouragement. However, I do not run investment program. I advise everyone to start small, learn the skill, and go big.

  16. WOW it is good and impressive. but my question is i have a land in ondo state that is more than five(5) hectares and is suitable for watermellon plantation. How can get fund in form of soft loan for the business

  17. Oh am in love of this fruit, thanks so question is, when is the real time to plant this fruit, again, were should one gets the real seed for planting, the name of the fertilizer to buy.

  18. Amazing, thanks for sharing this idea to us a lot people don’t know about this. But please were can on get a good hybrid seed for planting and how to get and store new seeds for next planting

  19. The write up is quite interesting, but I still need more explanation about planting distance and climatic conditions.

  20. Nice one but untill i see how and when to get the seeds. I feel like been on the farm right now. Keep it up please.

  21. Great Post.. Am Starting The Business Soon.. First I have to get my hands on the Manual..Do You Think It Will do Well In Asaba Considering the soil type
    Also I would love to personal training will that be charged separate from the manual thanks

    • It does well anywhere, provided the right soil is used and the right timing is targeted. One on one training is not the same as the manual

  22. Mr Joe,good morning i notoceced that big balls of watermelon now costs a minimum of 1000,can we meet this demand by early planting say by july to get some products by now?

  23. Nice writeup. Please can you compare watermelon with cucumber instead of palm oil. I will like to know which one is more profitable. Thanks

  24. It is intresting to all this secret in farming watermelon , i wish to farm it by the end of this January , but my problem or rather my question how can i get the best seeds to Farm this year.

  25. Nice writeup and so enlighten.
    when can we apply fertilizer if it is important to use fertilizer and which type of fertilizer organic or inorganic and at what rate Pls.
    what type of insecticide and pesticides can we use at what rate and days interval can it be apply.
    how can I maintain zero tolerance for disease infestation on this crop.

  26. Thank you very much Mr. Joe for the wonderful information.
    Can I still enjoy the discount for the manual by the end of January?

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