Is It Safe to Plant Watermelon 4 Times A Year?

If you are my regular reader, you would have observed that my recommendation has been to plant watermelon not more than 2 seasons a year.

A number of readers have asked:

Since there are 12 months in a year, and watermelon matures in less than 3 months, why can’t I make more money by planting all year round, or 4 times a year?

To make matter worse, some “internet farmers” tell people they can plant all year round.

By internet farmers, I mean those people who are out to make money from you but may never have been to any watermelon farm, not to talk of farming watermelon.

In this post, I will endeavour to answer this question and clarify issues. Are you ready?

First of all, let us answer this question:

 Is it Impossible to plant all year round?

The answer is No. You can actually plant watermelon all year round, but you must be able to be in total control of the essential factors such as moisture, and sunlight.

This is possible with a green house.

Yes, in a standard green house, you can control the amount of water on your plant with irrigation system.

But this is very expensive and may not be in the reach of small-scale farmers.

And since I have not operated one before, I will not be able to provide so much information on green house at the moment.

What is the effect of too much rain on watermelon?

A watermelon plant (Citrullus lanatus) needs enough moisture to ensure proper growth and fruit development. But too much water can be detrimental when growing watermelon.

You can read more requirements from the Watermelon Production Blueprint that can be accessed by clicking here

Excess water reduces the quality of the fruit or causes it to burst. This can be especially problematic if you’re having unusually heavy rains during the growing season because you have no control over how much rain falls.

1. Your Watermelon Fruits Will Burst

Let me explain this better: the watermelon plant, while making effort to absorb the the excess water will swell. This can eventually result in bursting.

2. Your watermelon Fruits Will Be Tasteless

Another danger is the quality of fruit. Have you observed that watermelon plants grown amid excess rainfall are never sweet? This is because the growth process of the fruit happens faster than the sugar production process.


This results in an overall reduction of sweetness. The hearts of watermelons that swell in this manner are often white and have little flavor because the melon’s flesh is over-saturated with water.

3. Your Watermelon Will be Attacked By Fungi

Crown rot and root rot are fungal infections that can affect watermelon plants. Click here to get the full information on controlling these attacks


These infections cause the plants to wilt, create a reddish-brown discoloration in the crown of the plant where it emerges from the soil, and break down the roots, which can in turn kill the plant.

The moist environment created by heavy rainfall provides the right conditions for fungal growth, and the excess water on the ground can spread the infection from a single infected plant to other plants in your garden.

What Should You Do?

In my Watermelon Production Manual, I recommend just 2 planting seasons. Early March and Early September. These seasons have been carefully selected because rainfall is not excessive at those times.

Click Here to grab yours now

Remember, watermelon does not need so much water after the initial period.

I hope this information helps.

As usual, drop your comments on the comment box below.


To your success.


  1. I have a garden at the back of my house and I do plant watermelon the problem I have was that the lizards always attacked the fruits whenever it sooth up.what can I do to avoid this problem?Thanks

    • If it’s not a very big garden, can you try fencing with wire net? Another approach in to use rodenticide. I hope this helps.

  2. Thank for the information but how can I get the seeds and can we make the grand heaps before planting or not compulsory

    • I have taken time to answer some of these questions in my email series. There are some information not revealed in the series because they are available as part of the paid information on the Watermelon Production Blueprint. Please get yours as soon as possible from before the price goes back to normal.

  3. Sir, thanks for the information. My question is this, will any land/ location of land go for the production of watermelon? At my backyard, I have half plot of land and I want to know if the land can be good or the soil can be good for the production of the watermelon? Without tractor, we can’t use our hands for the planting or the digging of the hoes?

    • The truth is that you can grow watermelon from anywhere in Nigeria, but the soil type matters. I did mention in my email series that the best type of soil for watermelon cultivation is a sandy loam soil. It’s sandy, yes, but has some organic matters inside. This is ideal because this soil does not retain water, unlike clay soil.
      You can test it on your half plot and you can use hoe for your ridging. I hope this helps.

  4. Good work man. I’m really hooked on going into this full time as I’ll be rounding up my studies in 5 weeks time God willing. My problem is that I probably wont be able to raise more than 20k to go into this and if I’m to go through all the process you adviced like getting labourer to help with clearing and ploughing and also to buy hybrid seeds, fertilizer and getting your BLUE-PRINT I wont have enough to kickstart this. What’s your advice?

    • The solution is to raise at least some money and start small. You’ll gain experience as you grow and thus can expand with time

  5. Thank you Mr. Joe. Please, as I have appealed to you on WhatsApp chatting, I will be paying for my Blueprint by this month ending, God will! Kindly note me down for the discounted price sir. Thank you for the enlightenment.
    Secondly, i need a land to practice, kindly help me please.

  6. Good work sir, but my worries is about us in Rivers state, were rainfall is very high. Can watermelon bizness work for us?

    • It can work. It’a about the right timing. There are times when the rain fall is minimal, such as when it’s just beginning around late February/early March or when it’s about going, around September. Just observe the trend.

  7. This is very important and helpful. You have solved the question of how many times we have to plant watermelon in a year. God bless you my brother

  8. God bless you sir. My problem is Fulani hen’s men why because you made mention of their cows being able to destroy the farm during that September planting season. My question now is if I can fence my land in order to be on a save side thank you sir

    • I must admit that challenge Augustina. Why not think about the approach that works in your area? Fencing is a good idea, but it will not make economic sense to fence with blocks. You can consider using strong woods with nail. This is more economical.

  9. In fact, you are a God sent very soon I will pay for the blue print I need a thorough guild line regards to this.but my question is must every tree in the land be hurled down?

    • It all depends on the size of the tree. The bottom line is that, the tree should not shade your plant from getting enough sunlight

  10. Thank you sir for giving us this lucrative information. God almighty bless you richly. l am 100% interested and l’m grateful for this opportunity. Thanks sir. My name is Joseph Ephraim l will make sure l get the blueprint. have a nice day.

  11. Well done for all the explainations. Please, am yet to understand to best herbicides to use to avoid killing watermellon also. thank you

  12. Many thanks to u mr. Joe. However, my question is dt: how many times shld we apply herbicides and when shld we apply fertilizer b4 it’s matured?

  13. gud master thank u for ur information i do apprciate may God protect u…hw much is blueprint.peters from ebonyi state

  14. I really appreciate your time in explaining watermelon farming, and it’s very interesting. but my problem is I have a very big and fertile land and I have no capital to start with, how can I do

  15. Good day sir,I would like to know the best storage measure for watermelon as it is perishable in nature. growing it will require storage for left over on mass production. Thank you

  16. I have a water logged plot of land, formerly used for fish pond. That’s what I have at the moment and I want to put it into use (about 4 plots of 50ft by 100ft). Can it work for water melon production?

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