This Strategy Saves Over 70% on Weeding Cost

Today, I will be sharing with you a very powerful strategy on weed control. This strategy will save you over 70% on the cost of doing manual weeding. So, please listen good.

Why Should You NEVER Joke With Weeds?

Weeds may cause a number of issues and may restrict the growth of plants.

If left unchecked, weeds may compete with other plants for nutrients, space, water and soil, thereby restricting their growth.

Imagine buying expensive fertilizer for your watermelon plant only for the weeds to enjoy it, even more than your plant. In other words, without weed control, you may be feeding your enemies.

Some weeds may also smother certain plant parts, particularly the young ones. The truth is, weeds are not your friends at all in this business. Get rid of them fast.

My Strategy?

Do you know it is actually possible to complete the 85 days growing period without using cutlass at all for weeding?

With my method, you are to do weed control just once throughout the planting period, and without cutlass. How do I weed without cutlass? Is that possible?

I simply use herbicides. Herbicides are chemicals that kill weeds. While it can take over a week to clear 1 hectare, the use of herbicides will not take more than 1 day.

But how do I use herbicides to kill weeds when my watermelon plants are already growing? Will the watermelon plants not be affected?

The answer is no. No single effect [[firstname]]. This sounds funny, right? Well, the only way to achieve this is to know 3 things. They are:

  1. the RIGHT timing and
  2. the RIGHT herbicide
  3. the RIGHT method                                                                                        How do you carry our weed control without hoe, just once in 85 days and your watermelon farm will look so neat and attractive? I am willing to show you all of these in my Watermelon Production BlueprintClick Here

You will not get this information on Google, trust me
You will not even get this by just trying, except if you have so much to waste first

This is purely a product of years of experience, and knowing this alone will keep you above your competitors. And hardly will any watermelon grower let this kind of information out easily.

This is one of the central focus of my Watermelon Production Blueprint and it is still available.

You can click here now to get yours now.

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  2. I want to so appreciate you for boosting my morale on the growing of watermelon. I have long been trying to do that but each time i try i normally fail but now i can boldly start it. But the problem is that the fruit usually get rotten even befor they ar matured. Why?

    • The fruit getting rotten depends on many factors, including planting time, type of chemicals applied, amount of water etc. You can email me these details so I can advise on what to do

  3. what of a situation where one has no farm land with right soil and if at all there trees on the land what could be done

  4. When you discussed how to obtain loan without collateral, you ended up not really saying how. Pls, can you be more explicit.
    Meanwhile, thanks for all the useful information. They’ve been very educative.

    • This is fully explained in the Blueprint. But let me quickly mention that you can access quick loan with a government bank and the interest rate is 12%. Get the Blueprint for details. Thanks

  5. Good Morning Mr. Joe, Thanks for the everyday success digest write- up.

    Sir, how many Can of WM seeds can actually cover an Hectare?.

    Also, can herbicides kill trees on the farm or what type of chemical can be used to kill the trees on the farm without using Hoe, Cutlass and Axe?


  6. Iam a 400level student of agriculture from the university of science and technology, WUDIL. I really read and appreciated ur effort towards making our youth to be self employed by indulging into water melon farming.let be productive not consumptive youth

  7. Thanks, Me. Joe, for the lecture. My worry is not everyone can access one hectare of land. What will be the profit projections for, say, two plots of 100×50 land space? I’ll really like to go into this business.

  8. Thank you very much for this information, I am very grateful. If I have known you before now may be my watermelon farming would have started. Others wanted so much but little to offer. Am waiting for more on weed control. Thanks.

  9. My name wasn’t on your group list am suppose to come for your seminar on Saturday but i couldn’t make it because i was busy somewhere. Can you add me to your WhatsApp group in connection with Mr Samuel Babalola. This is my WhatsApp line 08164290111

  10. Good day,
    From all i’ve read the past one week from your mail,the next planting season will be in February-March 2018. When and where will you be having your next field training,i stay in Lagos, thank you.

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