Updates on the Watermelon Growers Cooperative (WGC) Initiative

From the series of feedback I am getting from my readers, it is obvious that  the Watermelon Growers Cooperative (WGC) Initiative is here to stay, as it has been warmly embraced by many.

If you did not read my last article on this subject matter, use the link below to read about how the WGC works: https://agroincome.com/2017/07/25/watermelon-growers-cooperative-wgc-initiative/

Some members are really very excited about the whole thing and this has necessitated this follow-up post to enable everyone know what to do. Are you too ready?


There are a few concerns I would like to address in this post:


  1. We Need a Temporary Group Coordinator

We need someone that members can contact at any time. Yes, let’s call him or her the group leader.

The group leader should be:


possess leadership quality, 

transparent and

ready to serve. 

I will forward the phone numbers and email addresses of all the members to him and he will be responsible to call a meeting to discuss the modalities as soon as possible.

At the first meeting, the group will elect the executives that will pilot their affairs, and if the members so wish, the temporary coordinator many be reelected to continue in any capacity determined by the house.

Reasonably, we do not expect the coordinator alone to bear all the costs involved in organizing that meeting. That should be the group’s responsibility.


  1. How to Choose the Temporary Group Coordinator

I will be responsible for the selection of the temporary group coordinator. This is because you do not know the interested members yet, but I do.

Are you interested in becoming the temporary group coordinator? If yes, just follow these steps:

  1. Show evidence of your payment for the Watermelon Production Blueprint
  2. Send me your name, email and best phone number
  3. Provide a few reasons why you should be chosen.

Forward these to my email: hiwebstuff@gmail.com

I will like this to be done fast, as some members are really very eager to get started. And I don’t want them to be dragged backward by a few others.


  1. Can People Outside Lagos and Ogun Benefit from this Initiative?

This is one of the questions I got from several persons outside these two states. As explained in the previous post, this initiative is targeted at the residents around these 2 states for now.

However, a few persons have requested that they are willing to bring together people in their own zones and form their own cooperatives. They only wanted to be sure that I am willing to support them.

The good news is: I gave them my words and I will be willing to assist, as long as they meet the same requirements stated in the last article. The implication therefore is that, anyone anywhere is free to form a group of about 10. You will have to keep me informed of the arrangement.

  1. Will WGC Initiative Survive?

No doubt, there will be challenges. Yes, you will be working with people you never knew from Adam, people with different cultural backgrounds, experience, education, likes and dislikes.

But is that not what you expect from every business? Challenges are normal, and they can be used to your best advantage.

The main reason you should consider this is the many advantages it has. Think about how things will turn out if the initiative works out well.

Don’t forget, government do not deal with individual farmers again. instead, they expect you to form a group.


So many prospective members have expressed real optimism towards this initiative, and their zeal and high spirits can be very contagious.

Rather than being negative, take the step in the right direction, while you look up to God for his blessings. So, go on and make it work. At the end of your successful watermelon season, you would have become stronger and ready to go bigger.

Let me start wishing you all the best, and please, remember me in your kingdom when the money does arrive.


    • Ondo is quite a distance from Lagos/Ogun. Why not consider forming a group of interested farmers in Ondo state, or better still, get a piece of land and do an individual, instead of group project?

  1. Dear Mr. Joe,

    This initiatives is quite encouraging.

    I have registered my interest in Joining the group according to your mail. I live in Lagos/Ogun State.

    Looking forward to your response.


  2. This is commendable joe, you have done well but my question is how about someone who doesn’t have watermelon farm yet but wishes to have, can he join?.

    • It’s easy. Get a good land, get the right training, and make yourself available for the job or hire someone to work for you.
      The Watermelon Production Manual will help you know what to do from planting to harvesting and marketing. Use the link below to access it

  3. Good morning sir,

    I wish to volunteer myself to be a temporary coordinator so that the group can be form quickly and commence work on time in other to meet up with next planting batch season in 2017.


    • The project, for now, is targeted at people around Lagos and Ogun. Since Port Harcourt is quite a distance, the only option is to form a group in your area, get a piece of land, get the Blueprint (at http://www.agroincome.com/wm2) and you can request my assistance.

  4. I really appreciate your efforts so far? Sincerely, I won’t mind being a coordinator, because am working for myself and am into farming bcos it’s my profession.

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