If Watermelon Is So Profitable, Why Is Everyone Not Growing It-PART 1

Someone asked this very intelligent question, and instead of just throwing it aside, I chose to answer and share my opinion with you. I believe we can all learn from this.

According to him, considering the high ROI people usually attribute to Watermelon, he wanted to be sure if these claims are correct and if there are ready markets for the product all year round.

And if all these conditions are really true, why is every farmer not cultivating watermelon?

You will agree with me that these are valid questions, and we need to get things in the right perspective. Please be patient and calm, as I try to provide answers to the best of my knowledge and sincerity.

Why Is Everyone Not Growing Watermelon?

Here are a few reasons I feel is responsible. See them below: 

1. The Idea

Many lack the idea completely. How do I mean? Do you know that many Nigerians still think that all the watermelon people consume are grown in the Northern parts of the country? But that is far from the reality.

Again, how many people know that watermelon can be grown and harvested in less than 3 months? How many of them know that you don’t have to be a millionaire to be a watermelon farmer, yet the return can be staggering?

So, until people get these information, many will not plant watermelon.

2. The Right Training

Do you know that many people think that watermelon is just like the normal melon we use for egusi soup? So they reason: ‘if I can farm melon, I can also grow watermelon”

Those who go with this mindset are very likely to fail, because though similar, the two are different in many ways. You must get the right training-the soil type, fertilizer, pesticide, safe weed control, etc.

Most who failed did as a result of lacking the right training, and such ones believe that it is too technical or difficult to grow.

3. Lack of Persistence

Some went into watermelon farming so that they can turn  millionaire overnight. Some may even have visited car stands to price a choice car, waiting for their watermelon to mature, and smile to the bank. Lol

But in reality, business does not operate that way. You cannot perfect your training in just a single practice. You are bound to make some mistakes and learn from it, and then, gain more experience.

So, don’t run away after the initial attempt. Learn and move on.

There are a few other concerns raised such as ROI and Marketing. I will like to address this in my next post. That will be the second part of this series.


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  1. I agree with your answer to the above,I look forward to learning more from you,but rigth now I have a lot of finacial challenges in my family. I am telling others about your mails to me since I got in contact with you, and I know God will Use One out there among those I have spoken with to Work with you.

  2. Just to tell you that am very much interested in joining your group but am down financially now. As soon as am able to raise the registration fee I will join. Just keep on informing us.thanks

  3. Dear Mr. Joe, Thank you for another success digest topics. There’s no way everybody can become watermelon farmers in Nigeria because who will patronize one another product. Other million activities are there also for other people to engage themselves into. This is one the problems associated with Nigerian business. Any information about a business that brings good income will be practicing by all thereby cause its supplies to the far higher above its demand and at last reduce price and its profit. We don’t need all Nigerians in this profession even if we train them free of charge, not all Nigerians can have interest in practice but those few practicing will sell their products to others for consumption.


  4. Thank you very much Mr. Joe your answers/response to the above questions are superb. I can’t wait to read the answer to the second part

  5. I am eagerly waiting for next planting season to put my hands on the ground to see how this project will go because I am already preparing a plot to practice this before I invest fully on this project

  6. Mr Joe, I Must tell you Something. God Bless U for Educating Me On This Watermelon Business I Know If I Start God Will Help Me. Again How Do I Know The Soil Type, Fertilizer, Pesticide And Safe Weed Control & How To Get It? Thanks Once Again, God Bless U.

  7. Well its actually a good idea but sincerely some of us are still side line though u tried but we can’t just afford the blue print.the fee is to expensive for us in this present change ere.look into it pls.

  8. Good answer Mr Joe but watermelon is not like other crops bcos it’s need your attention not just planting nd go away nd be expecting results at the end 90days no no no but if you can dedicate your time is a good business

  9. mr. Joe when are you giving us discount again for the water melon blue print i couldnt grab it last year because am not flling fine then and i was un able to plant it. secondly when is the right time for the planting

  10. You are right. I ve always had thise reasons u gave as true situation to growing melon. Nut u ckeared. It. Bravo

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