Can I Save Watermelon Seed for Planting Instead of Hybrid Seeds?

This is one of the questions I get asked many times, and I am sure you want to find the answer too.

Many are interested in this because, it is actually cheaper to save seeds for planting than buying from seed stores.

Does the above statement therefore mean that I encourage planters to use saved seeds? By no means. Please read on, so as to get my take on this.

Is it totally impossible to plant your saved watermelon seeds?

Not at all. In fact, I have people around here who save seeds to complement their hybrid seeds, and they are getting good results.

However, I do have some reservations to share with you on this. Read on…

The watermelon you will get from saving seeds is not likely to be sweet and big as the one from the hybrid seeds. You know why?


Remember, I did mention that pollination plays an important role in fruit formation, and insects are the major agents of pollination. You can read the article on pollination here

So, the bees convey the best characteristics by means of a special cross between two types of watermelon, each contributing their best qualities to create one great-tasting fruit. This is not the same with the road side seeds.

Another factor is seed processing. The seeds must be dry under the right condition and must be treated with pesticides.

If drying is not properly done, germination success will be affected.

And if the seeds are not treated with pesticides, they become prone to attack.

I do hope that this explanation will guide you in making the right decision in connection with the right seed to plant.

Remember, the success of your watermelon business relies to a large extent on the quality of your seed. Why take risks with them?

And very importantly, you need the right training. The Watermelon Production Blueprint has assisted many. I am sure it will help you join the throng of happy and watermelon farmers. You can access it by clicking here

Please drop your comment and questions. I look forward to reading them. I wish you a huge success.



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