Do You Need to Pollinate Your Watermelon?

This is a very important question that deserves your attention if you want to excel in your watermelon farming business. I will like to answer this question by means of this post.

This is important because in order for seeds to be created, and if you are to carry the genetic information of the parents and develop into a new plant, pollination must first take place.

In other words. watermelon cannot produce fruit if they are not pollinated.

But first of all, what exactly is pollination?

What is Pollination?

Pollination is when pollen grains from the male portion of a flower (also called anther) are transferred to a female part in the flower (also known as the stigma.)

Do you know how to identify the male and female flowers? The pictures below is a powerful description of what they are.

Can you see the difference here? Can you identify the male from the female flower?

The female flower is the one with something that looks like small watermelon ball beneath it. The opened flower without the ball is the male flower.

In order for pollination to be successful, the pollen grains transferred must be from a flower of the same species.

The Agent and Nature of Pollination

Watermelon in nature is pollinated by bees, wasps and other nectar seeking insects who hop from flower to flower and distribute pollen. Your environment must be attractive to these insects, or else, you may have difficulties with fruit production.

Another important point to note is that the watermelon flowers open only for a short time,not throughout the day. Usually, this happens in the morning. Therefore, it is essential that bees are present when the flowers are open.

What If There Are No Bees Around?

If for any reason, you feel that bee and wasp population in your growing area is not sufficient to pollinate the plants naturally, a viable option is to do pollination by hand.

In other words, you do what you would expect the bees to do-drop the stamens from the male flower into the center of the female flower.


From the pictures above, it should not be difficult understanding this description. But to make things clearer, here is a picture showing the stamen in a male flower.

How It’s Done

It is not difficult at all. This is covered in a video presentation as part of the newly added bonuses to the Watermelon Production Blueprint. You can still access the Blueprint as well as all its bonuses at the old dead cheap price by clicking here.

But for the purpose of educating all my dear readers, let me explain the process here:

Start the manual pollination process by removing the petals from a male flower, then bending its stalk toward the female flower.

All you are interested in is to create a transfer of pollen to the female flowers. Each male flower is capable of pollinating up to four female flowers.

Would you like to try this, even in a small portion of your farm? Please do, and share your result with us.

Use the comment box below to drop your questions and comments. I really do appreciate them.


  1. Its intresting know that one actually pollinate plant with but will be very big task to pollinate a whole farm land of a hacter or more.

    • I am yet to commence but as discussed with you, i need to know how to start. You said meeting you one on one will be in october. What can be done to meet earlier than october

  2. what of the weekly treatment with fungicide and pesticides, won’t they distort the natural process of pollination very essential to our success

  3. Good morning Mr. Joe.

    Sir, the video practical presentation in this regard for all members especially “WGC initiatives” is highly requires and essential. Kindly help sir. I believes that so many listed questionnaires will be easily answered through the practical video presentation. Kindly let’s view the video practical of how this exercise can be easily carry out sir.


    • Yes, but its survival will be a challenge. The chemical spray is usually checked to maintain a balance so that useful insects will not be killed

    • It is not necessary if there are bushes around your farm. That may be necessary in the cities where pollination is difficult

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