What to Expect from the Live Training in Lagos

Have you heard about the live, on-the-farm training coming up in Lagos, on the 14th October, 2017? Click Here to see the training details in full.

By God’s grace, we are absolutely convinced that the training will hold as planned, and I am already getting interesting feed backs from my readers.

Why is this training a ‘no-miss’ for anybody who is genuinely interested in becoming watermelon grower? I will provide some reasons below:

Why Attend the Live Event?

Reason No 1:

This training will provide you with hands on experience in the field. In other words, you will enjoy the benefit of active participation rather than theory.

Why is this important? Have you used Knapsack spraying machine before? Have you seen and mixed the various chemicals before? Can you personally grow your farm to maturity?

Even if you will be hiring people to work with you, you will be considered a boss ONLY when you understand the job yourself. Otherwise, you will be dribbled up and down because you do not know what they know.

This is exactly a major reason many fail in the business. Don’t repeat the same mistake many already made. Get the right training and you will be able to lead others well.


Reason No 2.

Special Bonus Packages will be available for participants. One of them is the 24 hours loan information. I am asking Mr Kehinde Abolarin to kindly give it out to my few attendees for free. This will be a great idea as he is already contemplating raising the price.

Other bonuses include free membership into the WGC, free membership into our closed facebook group for idea sharing and support, and an opportunity to enjoy a huge discount on the Watermelon Production Blueprint.


Reason No 3.

New ideas will be learned. For example, I just found out a new method to increase the number of quality balls of watermelon you harvest. This method helps drastically reduce the number of rotten balls many farmers experience. I have decided to share this for the first time with the attendees.

Besides, you will be meeting with new and experienced farmers. This will enable you learn from many others, not just myself. Think about the possibility of getting to know persons of like minds you can work with.

Do think about these and ensure you send a representative, if for any reason you will be unavoidably absent.

Click Here to see other reasons why you should not miss the live training. The direct link to the seminar page is http://agroincome.com/lagseminar/



Anyone who pays for the live training will get it for N3,500, or 30% discount. This offer ends on the training day. 


  1. Good morning sir
    Please sir I buy the watermelon 🍉 blue print but the day after you send it to me, my phone got spoiled,I just fix and I can’t retrieve it back.please what help can you do for me. Thanks

  2. how about those who already bought the watermelon blue print? what is the training cost for us and what other packages are we to expect.

    • The Lagos live seminar cost does not include the Blueprint. Those who need the blueprint will have to pay for that. Meanwhile, I am adding yet another powerful blueprint as a bonus. Expect an update in your mail soon.

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