Don’t Make this Same Mistake in Your Farm!

Mistakes are normal part of human life. Yet, you do not have to make all the mistakes to learn. You can learn from the mistakes of others, and go on. This is the case with farming business too.

There are a few mistakes you must learn to avoid if you really want to be successful in your watermelon project. If you ignore them, no matter how insignificant they appear to be, you can lose so much.

In this article, I will explain one of them…Read the story of the farmer below:

Before a friend introduced me to Mr. Jayeola, he had lost over 200k he invested in Watermelon farming last year.

His former tutor advised him to spray excess dose of herbicides to remove all the weeds, and never to return till harvest

As an ‘obedient novice,’ (that’s how he referred to himself), he did just so.

What was the result?

He found out that the germination percentage was so poor and the few that germinated soon died. That’s too bad!

He became frustrated and lost all interest. Since then, he vowed never to plant anything called watermelon.


When we knew 2 months ago, he started getting my email follow up, after a friend told him about my training. He got the blueprint and decided to use just 1 hectare to try.

Thank God, the plants did not just germinate but are doing well. He is excited now and I know he will be happier when his watermelon matures and ready for harvesting.

What exactly is the lesson I want to teach you here?

  1. Use the recommended dosage of herbicide in your farm.

In the Watermelon Production Blueprint, I recommended 150 ml to 15 liters of water. This will destroy the weed and safeguard your plant.

  1. Herbicides can be contact herbicides or systemic herbicides. Contact herbicides are quick action herbicides but their results do not last. Systemic herbicides take time to produce results but the results are far better and last longer.

Which of them should you use? Go for systemic herbicides.

My recommended brand is glyphosate-based herbicides. They are available in the market. Use  them according to the recommended dosage. And you will get the desired result.

I hope you won’t make the same mistake. Well, I already did my part. It’s time to do yours.

I hope this helps.

I always enjoy reading your comments. Please use the comment box below,Any question? Use the same box or send me an email at

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    • Well My Watermelon are doing well . l am glad I met you. I did apply the proscribe chemical. Just that squirrel is stit distrubing. By next week I shall be applying the second phase of fertilizer NPk. I will keep you posted.

    • !50 milliliter of herbicides in 15 liters of water, not 15 hectares please.It was an error on my part and has been corrected.

  1. I am interested in planting water Mellon and I have no enough money to carry out the project. I have about 12 hectares of land in BARUTEN LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF KWARA STATE. What is your advice on this. THANK YOU

  2. I recently seen something strange in my Co-Farmer watermelon farm. The fellow applied NPK 15-15-15 directly on stem to the root (No distance spaces was given between the plants and the Fertilizer Applications and his aim was that when Rain fall, it will sink in the Fertilizer Applications directly to the Roots of the plants) the of his 8weeks old Watermelon Plants last week Friday 13th October, 2017. To his greatest surprise, this week, about 60% of the growing and flowering Plants found dried and withered away.

    Sir, what was the cause of this. Or is it a crime to applied Fertilizers directly to the foot of the plant?

    Urgently Response will be appreciated as I am planning to applied my Fertilizers to my growing plants on Monday 23rd October, 2017 but having seen my friend disaster, I am afraid to do the Applications.

    Kindly advice Sir.

    • You are not expected to apply fertilizer directly at the base of your plant.It should not even touch the plant because it can scorch it.Don’t try it. It can make you lose a whole farm. Leave a distance of about 10cm

  3. Today being 23rd make my watermelon farm a month and one week but the growths are very slow what do I suppose to do?. Should l apply 15-15-15 fertilizer now or what do you advise me to do. Thanks

  4. To be honest your training are practical based, job well-done for that. My question is what type of herbicides that can control weed seed and the same time control weed in watermelon farm. My second question is for example my land is prepare now waiting for rain to come before planting or can I plant in seed tray or seed bags and treat my farm before transplant.Thanks

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