Watermelon Production Training Video Released At Last!

I am so excited this morning to announce the launch of the Watermelon Production Video Training. It is now live and can be accessed by all those who are interested in the package.

The entire training is made up of 10 downloadable videos in MP4 plus their YouTube links. They  can be downloaded into your phone, tablet, CD or flash drive.

They are simple ‘see me see you’ presentations even a 7 years old will clearly understand.

And they are all straight to the point. It is designed for busy people who want to get result fast.

The video training covers ALL aspects of Watermelon Productions, from land preparation to planting, treatments, fertilizer application, weed control without cutlass, disease control, harvesting, etc

It also touches on Cucumber planting and a few other crops that will give you good yield in a short time period. And the reason for this is clear. Agriculture is not only about watermelon.

It encompasses all aspects and they are all profitable and interesting.

What happens after harvesting your watermelon? I mean what would you be doing before the next planting season?

There should be some other crops bringing in something too. Well, that is what I think. Some of these are discussed in the video.

Let me shock you with another thing I released in the video.

Do you know that there is a way you can profit from Oil Palm cultivation with little capital, even without a farm of your own?

Impossible, right? That is incorrect. There is a fantastic way out. I do it myself and I provided the secret in the video series.

Apart from farming, what else can one do part-time as an alternative income source? I believe everyone should be interested in having multiple income streams, especially in our dear country Nigeria.

Importantly, I have included an irresistible free offer if that idea sounds good to your hearing. More on this later.

Why Video Training Since There is Watermelon Production Blueprint Already?

The idea sprang from readers from far away northern part of Nigeria and some busy persons who could not attend the live training. Since there was a live training, it was a fantastic idea to have it recorded. 

The second reason is that videos are now gaining popularity over books and other communication means.

Most people now prefer what they can see and hear, rather than read. And if you intend to train labors to work for you, video training makes things a lot easier for you.

No doubt, much more time, energy and tools, and resources are needed to produce video training but the effect and results are well worth the effort.

How Much is the Training Video?

The entire package is the same as the live training held on the farm. Thus, the Watermelon Production Video Training should go for the same price of N15500. Otherwise, I may indirectly be offending those who traveled down for the training.

However, I have decided to do a 1 Week Special Promo at a whooping discount. This means that for the next one week, anyone interested in the video training can access it for just


And this includes all the supports and bonuses.

This offer is ONLY for one week. This is not a marketing strategy. It’s real.

How to Pay

Use the Account Information Below:

Access Bank Plc

Account Name: Joseph Oguntola

Account Number: 0003480724

Account Type: Current

NB: Please do not pay N9,999 after the deadline.

Did You Pay for the Live Training But Could Not Attend?

I am bothered because some who paid for the last live training but could not attend are not asking for a refund. (Abeg money can be tempting o. Lol.)

Please, if this applies to you, kindly forward me your account information, as well as proof of payment to effect a refund as soon as possible.

And if you would be needing the Watermelon Production Video Training instead, kindly send me a mail and still forward the information above to enable me send you the balance.

Would you take advantage of this special offer and have in your palms all that you need to become a professional watermelon farmer? Or would you rather wait and watch others exclaim you with their results?

Whichever one you do, it is still a choice. I do hope that you will make the right choice.

You know I always love to read your comment and questions. Please use the comment box below.

Thank you very much for your time














    • Thank you for your interest. The videos are in downloadable mp4 not on CD. You can however put them on a CD or flash drive for convenience.
      The download link will be forwarded to you after payment.

  1. Send me the video. I paid to attend seminar. You can send my balance or if if there is a way I can use it for buying watermelon treated seedlings. You can advise me.

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