Dynamic, No-Collateral Business Funding Sources

This is a guest post by Kehinde Abolarin. Enjoy it

If what you needed money for is business, especially Agro business, there are ways to go round it without getting a loan or getting an investor who normally takes commission from your profit.

There are people and organization who can willingly dash you money if the purpose is for a legitimate business. These set of people and organizations are givers!

They do give amount ranging from N10,000, 100k, 2 Million, 10 Million up to any amount even N100,000,000.


And yes, that was 100 Million Naira and they can give even more than that because…

I know of people who have gotten more than 100 Million naira from this sources, the programs where you get these kind of benefits are called Grant programs.

You also need to know that you do not require money to apply for all these grant programs, and if that’s the case, why will they fake testimonials when they have nothing to gain from you? Absolutely no reason!

Their objectives is to empower you with needed money so that you can empower others with your business idea through job creation.

The question I will ask you is Whether or not you are ready to finance your business. Whether or not you want to break free from little input, little output and not enough profit.

If you need this kind of miracle money too, I advise you pay close attention to this article because I am about to show you tree places to get it from immediately.

The three are:

  1. Tony Elumelu Foundation: This is the most popular and you probably already know it. The problem is that too many people apply from across western Africa so the chance of getting a grant, is very slim.

       2. YouWin Program: This is a Federal Government Business Plan competition. You can apply even if your business has not even started but with a great idea that can create jobs for others.

3. Lagos State Empowerment Trust Fund: This program has helped a lot of people and it can help you too, unfortunately, this is only for those who lives in Lagos and it is also highly competitive.

I know your first instinct would be to go to their websites and apply, but I tell you, if you do that, one thing is certain and that is bomb shell… Bum!

Firstly, the three programs already ran this year and you won’t get the chance to apply again until next year.

Secondly, the application requires some special kind of expertise that anyone who is not trained to apply for them may not be able to succeed if they do.

The truth is that businesses without needed fund will only be crawling and that can last for years and make the owner go completely broke.

If you believe this information is for you I will provide a link that will lead to the page where I break this down into pieces.

You will discover 12 solid no collateral business funding sources you can key yourself into this year and how to package the application that can get you up to N3,000,000 grant in a very short time.

To gain access, all you have to do is to click the link below.

On that link, I have created for you a special page that comes with a huge benefit that will end today and I will not want you to miss it.

Here is the link>>> http://cashreign.com/available-grant/grant-progjoes.html

Do not forget, a grant is a free money, not a loan because you do not have to pay back, not a money from an investor because you do not have to report to anyone or share your commission with anyone.

Whatever you do with the money that is given, whatever product you stock with this money and whatever profit you make is 100% your own. That is the beauty of a business grant.

I want your business to succeed. I want you to make great progress.  I want you to move to a new height and receive massive boost…  this year.

Get the details here>>> http://cashreign.com/available-grant/grant-progjoes.html

Note: Most of your questions have been answered on the page so no course for alarm.


Kehinde Abolarin


  1. Thanks Mr Kehinde Abolarin.
    I’m just reading this message now and I was like wao!
    Could you believe that I’m organising a seminar on similar topic here in Lagos.
    So, we might likely work together in the future.
    Meanwhile, I will need a copy of this eBook but I can’t pay now because I just made some expenses today.
    I will like to appeal to grant me the privledge till next week so that I can sort out some things.
    Thanks very much!

    Adeoye E. Samuel
    K-K Agribusiness & Integrated Services (Founder, JOINT FARMERS’ CLUB)

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