How to Make Money From Bulk Sale of Palm Oil

Are you in possession of idle cash, lying fallow in your bank account and would like to double, triple or even get more within a short period? If your answer is ‘yes,’ you need to seriously think about Bulk Sale of Palm Oil. What does this involve?

What is Bulk Sale of Palm Oil?

This is the idea of buying processed palm oil in large quantities and stocking them for export or sale when the prices have gone up. Let me break that down a bit more.

Do you know that there are villages where you can get 25 liters of palm oil for as low as #6000 at certain times of the year?

Do you also know that there are times of the year you would get the same quantity of oil sold for over #20,000?

Now imagine being able to buy just 50 kegs of oil at that price! Do the math yourself to behold the potential therein.

You will agree with me that the possibility of tripling your investment is possible. And this is without lifting hoe or cutlass, or doing any sort of hard job.

I can imagine how many questions are running through your minds now, seeking instant answer. How do I get started? Where does one get the oil cheap? What time of the year is best to buy? When does selling brings the highest profit?

Let me break the procedures into steps, and in the process, try to provide answer to the above questions.

Action Steps:

1. Carry Out Market Survey

It is important that you begin the process by doing the necessary ground work. Where can they be found cheaply and in high quantities. For example, you can find them cheap in some villages around Edo, Ebonyi, Ondo, Delta, Imo, Abia, Akwa Ibon, etc.

How much can it be sold there? What quantities can I afford? Do I need a storage facility? How do i transport them? What about the marketing? You must have precise answers to these questions before going ahead, and as you know, this may require physical presence.

2. Know When to Buy

One of the most important factors of success in this business is knowing when to buy. And the best time to buy is during the peak production seasons. This is usually from January to around May. At this point, bunches are produced very heavily, and the price falls.

But the issue is, the prices can sometimes fluctuate. Like forex market, you will need to observe the trends and buy. This is where you need advice from other experts in the field.

3. Know When to Sell

Another very important factor to consider is when to sell. You need to ascertain this to maximize your profits. As it is with buying, selling price can also fluctuate. You need to study the trend.

The best time to sell is during the off-peak or lean crop period, when the number of bunches produced per tree is reduced. Price goes up at this time, and you too can sell your products.

4. Know This Top Secret

There are so many factors responsible for getting your products sold at a very attractive price. Let me share a top-notch secret with you. Experienced traders will tell you it is gold. What is it? Simply put, make your product competitive. Make it the best, even after storage. You know, palm oil quality can easily be tested, by taste, smell, look, etc.

And the very first step in selling right is to buy right. Buy the best of the oil palm. DO NOT COMPROMISE QUALITY FOR PRICE. Did you see those texts in capital letters? Don’t joke with them. The extra you pay will eventually pay you in multiple folds when you are ready to sell.

My Special Mentoring Offer

I am inviting 10 persons for mentoring on this business. This will take them through all other details needed to become successful in this wonderful opportunity. They will be able to buy very cheaply and sell very highly under my guidance.

Please be informed that this special mentorship program will not be free, as I will be involving some experienced bulk sellers in the training. I am charging a token for our time and effort in mentoring you to success.

Note that I will not be selling any eBook. Instead, interested participants will be added to a discussion group where we will have as members, experienced people in the business plus me, to guide you.

But this is not for all, as we will like to keep it simple for the best of support and assistance to the most ready and dedicated.

If you will be interested, send a mail to with your name, state of residence, and phone number. Further information, including the mentorship cost will be provided thereafter. But I can assure you that it will be affordable for every serious-minded person.

Kindly drop your comments and questions here, as I am always excited to read them.


  1. I am interested in this palm oil/plantation business, provided you as my mentor by guaideing me properly, pls I don’t which to reflect on what happened on watermelon. See you on the planed day. Tks Nze Godwin N.Uzoma.

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