What Type of Soil is Best for Watermelon Planting?

Have you ever wondered why 2 people get different results from the same type of watermelon seed, even when they both work under the same climatic conditions?

This can easily be traced to the soil type. 

The fact is: if you plant watermelon on the wrong type of soil, you will get no good result.

 What’s the Recommended Soil Type for Watermelon?

The best soil for planting watermelon is sandy-loam soil. Watermelon does well on fertile soils that will not retain too much water. Let me show you what a sandy loam soil looks like. Please see the pictures below: 

You would notice that the soil above is not a pure sandy soil soil per say because it has some contents of organic matters inside.

This is also not clay soil that retains water and kill your plant.

So, to make it simple for everyone, here is a simple rule:

use soil that is sandy but has some nutrients inside. Do not use clay soil at all.


Watermelon also requires a well-tilled and flat land, not rocky or hard, sloppy or hilly ones. 

Furthermore, your farm should have a good amount of sunlight too. Remember, even though water melon has so much water content, it doesn’t require so much water while growing.

 So, select a location that gets 8 to 10 hours of sunlight per day.

 Where the soil is hard in nature, employ the service of a plow to till it or you till with hoe while planting. The cost of tilling will largely depend on the area. If the soil is loose enough, go ahead and plant.


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