Welcome to My Practical Oil Palm Cultivation Series

I have finally decided to come up with complete training program on the principles of cultivating oil palm for the very best yield with minimal cost.

This became necessary after reading what many so-called experts are teaching newbies on this subject.

And these fake consultants can be so convincing that the unsuspecting farmers sometimes find it difficult to believe the truth from real experts.

As an instance, a military man was advised by a so-called expert to buy 5000 stands of oil palm seedlings from our company. As it is in our custom, we offer after-sale professional support to our clients.

It was during our visit to his farm that we found out that the area of land he acquired could not contain up to 1000 seedlings. If not managed, he may end up wasting those seedlings.

And you know the price of 1 seedling from our company? It costs #900. That is quite a lot to waste just because of wrong advise.

This and many experiences people go through in the hands of these men inform my decision to dish out the real truth about oil palm cultivation.

I will be giving the best management practices on oil palm and if you follow my guide, you will be happy with the outcome and thank me later.

It does not matter whether you are just starting or you have hectares of land for oil palm. The secrets here will make huge difference in your business.

Why Should You Follow My Guide

  • I have garnered over 13 years of active work experience with a leading oil palm plantation in Africa
  • I have been trained by experts from Malaysia and Indonesia where oil palm solely fuels their economy
  • I currently manage over 3000 hectares of oil palm plantation
  • I have trained small holder farmers on best management practices for improved yield, and there are verifiable testimonies
  • I have assisted in the establishment of oil palm nurseries and plantations with amazing results
  • And I have received awards for my excellent jobs and many more…

What Should You Expect from the Series?

You will learn every practical skill you need to succeed in your oil palm plantation business. They include but not limited to the following:

  • How to know if my location is suitable for Oil Palm
  • How to get the best type of oil palm seed. Thinking of NIFOR? Forget it!
  • How to set up a functional nursery that is fail-proof
  • The best planting technique and management practices that guarantee up to 5 metric tons of FFB the first year
  • How to enhance your soil nutrient without burning every penny on inorganic fertilizer
  • How to avoid the major mistakes that make 60% of oil palm farmer lose hope the first 2 years
  • How to save huge cost during your pre-production years and get fully stabilized in difficult times
  • How to prevent dangerous pests in your farm while keeping the beneficial ones
  • The best way to apply fertilizer for the best result. Thinking of circle application, right? I will shock you with what works now.
  • And many more I cannot remember to write

I am sure you will exceed your expectations when you join my training programs, either at a group level or at a personal consultancy/farm training level.

Want to Contact Me Directly?

Here are my personal contact details below:

Office Address: Km 22 Benin-Sapele Road, Benin, Edo state Email: hiwebstuff@gmail.com Phone: +2348141612525 (WhatsApp/Call/Telegram/SMS)

Feel free to reach me if there are questions or inquiries to make.

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